WiN Charter


  1. The name of the Association is Women in Nuclear Global. It is designated by the acronym WiN Global or WiN.
  2. A branch office can be made available for the President’s convenience in any chapter.
  3. English is the official language.
  4. WiN Global is a non-profit making association. It is a network of women and men working professionally in various fields of nuclear energy and radiation application.

Objectives and Business

  1. The main objective of the association WiN Global is to increase awareness and information in the public, especially women and young generation, on nuclear energy and its applications and on nuclear science and technology and in allied fields.
  2. To meet the main objective, business will be carried in the following areas:
    • Building a global network between members
    • Building a global network between the various chapters
    • Organizing an annual conference for exchange of information and experience between members and/or chapters
    • Maintaining good relations with other nuclear associations and organizations
    • Delivering the annual WiN Award
    • Mentoring the young generation of nuclear professionals
    • Carrying out any other business as needed or requested by the General Assembly.


  1. WiN Global is open to any individuals (men and women) or organizations involved in nuclear industry, technologies and applications who adhere to the mission and goals of WiN.
  2. Membership is composed of Regular Members, Associate Members, Affiliated Organizations, and Honorary Life Members.
  3. Regular Members are nuclear technology and applications, R & D, and communication related specialists. They include chapters, individual members, and chapter’s members.
  4. Associate Members are individual members who are not nuclear specialists, but support WiN objectives and activities.
  5. Affiliated Organizations are organizations who share the objectives of WiN and are ready to contribute to its activities.6.Honorary Life Members are those who served as Past WiN Presidents.

Application to Membership

  1. Individuals have to apply firstly through their local chapter if any. If there is no local chapter they may apply individually with the endorsement by one Board member or two WiN members. 2.Organizations are requested to apply for membership and submit it to the Executive and Board of WiN for approval.

Withdrawal of Membership

  1. Membership can be withdrawn by the member, or chapter’s notification.
  2. The Board can dismiss membership of members who violate the WiN charter and/or rules or whose behaviour has infringed the WiN objectives and reputation.


  1. Structure
    • The President (elected)
    • Vice Presidents: 1 to 3 designated by the President
    • Executive Committee of the Board: 8 to 15 members, excluding Vice President(s) and Secretariat member
    • Board of Directors: Single representative member of each recognized WiN Chapter and honorary position of WiN past Presidents
  2. The composition, election, selection and duties of the Governance Structure are addressed in the ‘WiN Global Rules and Procedures’.

General Assembly

  1. Once a year WiN Global holds a General Assembly.
  2. At the request of the President or of the Board, an extra-ordinary General Assembly can be held.
  3. Roles, participation, voting and location are detailed in the ‘WiN Global Rules and Procedures’.


Administrator is established and reports to the President. The role is defined in the ‘WiN Global Rules and Procedures’.

Dissolution and Amendments to the Present Charter

  1. Dissolution of WiN Global can be pronounced after a request to the Board and an approved decision of the General Assembly. It can also be dissolved automatically as a result of lack of membership.
  2. A permanent modification of the charter needs to be approved by the General Assembly.
  3. The WiN charter should be reviewed at least every 10 years. The President will nominate a commission in charge of preparing the charter changes or the amendments. This commission will be composed of Board Members selected by the President.