WiN President


Irene Aegerter

President of WiN Global 1993 - 1995

Born July 20th 1940 in Berne Switzerland, Saumerstrasse 26, Wollerau, married, two sons, three grandsons, one granddaughter

  • 1958

    "Maturitaet" equals graduation from college to enter University

    Studies of Physics (major), Mathematics and Astronomy at the University of Berne

  • 1963

    Master of Science, University of Berne

  • 1966

    Ph D. University of Berne.

    - Thesis: "Fallout in rain, dust and soil and its uptake in plants", research work done at the Swiss Federal Institute for Reactor Research (actually Paul Scherrer Institute), Wurenlingen

  • 1966-1967

    Staff Department of Defense Division of Atomic and Chemical warfare

  • 1967

    Post Doctoral Studies, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Bombay, India (March ‐ September)

  • 1967-1969

    Research assistant: University of California Los Angeles, USA, (Professor Willard F. Libby)

  • 1969-

    Motherhood (two sons)

  • 1976-1978

    Member of the city parliament Berne

  • 1981-1989

    Information officer (part time) Sulzer Brothers, Winterthur

  • 1982-1989

    Founder and 1. President of the Swiss Association "Women for Energy"

  • 1989-2007

    Member of the Board of "Women for Energy"

  • 1989-2000

    Director Communication of the Association of Swiss Power Producers and Distributors, Vice President

  • 1989-2001

    Member of the ENS Information committee

  • 1990-2004

    Member of the Energy commission of the Swiss Academy of Technical Sciences

  • 1992-1996

    Founding President "WiN international"" (Women in Nuclear)

  • 1995-2006

    Founding President WiN Switzerland

  • 2000-2007

    Member of the Swiss Federal Commission on Nuclear Safety

  • 2001-

    Vice President cogito foundation

  • 2002-

    Vice President Swiss Academy of Engineering Sciences

  • 2008-2012

    President WiN Switzerland

  • 2008-

    Member of the WiN Executive Board