WiN President


Se-Moon Park

President of WiN Global 2012 - 2016

Born in Daejeon in 1954 and brought up in Seoul, Korea: Married, one son

  • 1975-1979

    Graduated from the University of Korea majored Geology for BSc

  • 1979-1980

    MSc in Geology (Micropalaeontology), University College London

    (University of London)

  • 1981-1985

    PhD in Geology (Micropalaeontology), University College London

    (University of London)

    Thesis: Lower Jurassic (Hettangian-Lower Pliensbachian) Ostracoda from around the Southern North Sea Basin

  • 1986-1990

    Lecturer in Korea University teaching Palaeontology

  • 1990-1992

    Post-doctoral research in University of Brussel in Belgium, on isotopic analysis for palaeo-Environment

  • 1993-2013

    Senior Researcher in Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute : Environmental Evaluation Research on Radioactive Waste Disposal Site

    Korea Electric Power Research Institute: Power Plant Environmental Research

    Nuclear Engineering & Technology Institute, KHNP: Principal Researcher (Radwaste Disposal Research) KHNP-CRI,(Site Characterization & Seismic Safety Research)

  • 1991-1993

    Advisory Member of Ministry of Environment, Geoscience Division

  • 2000-2012

    Nuclear R&D Committee Member of Ministry Science & Technology (MOST) Korea

    Emergency Assessment Committee Member of National

    Emergency Management Agency

    Member of National Fusion Committee, MEST

  • 2000-2008

    Vice President of WiN Korea

  • 2009-

    President of WiN Korea

  • 2012-

    President of WiN Global,

  • 2004

    Award from the MOST (Minister Award)

  • 2008

    Award from the MEST(President Award)