Annual Conference

2013 WiN Global Annual Conference


Technical topic: Nuclear Technology: Supporting Sustainable Socio-Economic Development

The 21st WiN Global Annual Conference was held from 6 to 11 October 2013 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel, Johannesburg, South Africa, organised by WiN South Africa.

The commemoration ceremony of WiN Global's 20th anniversary and the publication of the book "Twenty Years of WiN" was held during the conference. We also celebrated the 10th anniversary of WiN South Africa. The conference comprised the WiN General Assembly, Country Report Presentations, Plenary session for invited speakers, two Communication Workshops and Poster Session for the following technical tracks.

Workshop I: Nuclear Public Acceptance: Best Practice and Challenge (Moderator: Dominique mouillot, France)

  • Public Acceptance-Voluntary Participation, Dialogue and Knowledge Building, Margueritte Mitte Nilson, Sweden
  • The PA Experience in Finland, Kathe Sarparanta, Finland
  • Japanese PA Before and After Fukushima Accident, Junko Ogawa, Japan
  • Talking Nuclear to the People: Integrating Culture, Vuvu Msutwana-Qupe, South Africa

Workshop II: Nuclear Policy Post Fukushima Accident (Moderator: Gabriele Voigt, IAEA)

  • Nuclear Technology Review 2013, Gabriele Voigt, IAEA
  • Energy Policy in Germany: Development and Today's Status, Yvonne Broy, Germany
  • Technical and Economic Ramifications of Fukushima in the USA, Desiree Wolfgramm, USA
  • Nuclear Safety in the United Kingdom, Gabrielle Flannery, UK

Technical Tracks

Track 1: Nuclear Technology Applications in Environmental Science Track 2: Nuclear Fuel Cycle Track 3: Nuclear Technology in Medicine Track 4: Benefits of Nuclear Technology in Agriculture Track 5: Plant Life Management Track 6: Nuclear and Radiation Safety

Technical tours: Necsa, Vaalputs Radioactive Waste Disposai Facility (Northern Cape), Koeberg Nuclear Power Station/iThemba Labs (Cape Town).

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