Announcement of the 05OCT2020 online WiN Global Annual Assembly

msw 2020-09-23

Dear WiNners, greetings,

This is to make you aware that the 2020 WiN Global Annual Assembly will be held on the 5th of October. Given that this year’s annual conference in Niagara Falls, Canada had to be deferred to 17 – 21 October 2021, the WiN Global Steering Team has taken the decision to host a virtual General Assembly using Zoom or any other platform. In preparation for the General Assembly we would like you to review the following information:

Our Charter allows members not in attendance to cast a vote by email within 30 days. This email has been sent to you 30 days in advance of the General Assembly, given that the COVID-19 restrictions prevent us from attending in person. The exact time and online platform will be communicated in due time via social media, our website and email