WiN Award

2001 WiN Award to Yuki Aomi

Ms. Yuki Aomi

The 6th WIN Award was given to Ms Yuki Aomi from Japan. Yuki Aomi graduated from Tokyo University in Aesthetics. First she joined Radio-Tokyo (now TBS) and was engaged as a director for cultural, home, children and cooking programmes. In the late 70's, she got involved in the technology field by joining the Tokyo Electric Power Co. as a home economist. She has devoted herself to understanding energy problems in general as well as the application of food radiation. Yuki Aomi is the founder and former representative of WEN (Women's Energy Network, established in 1993) which is another group activity different from WIN-Japan. The membership of WEN is intended for women who are interested in public understanding of energy problems, whereas WIN-Japan's membership is for women professionally involved in nuclear energy and radiation applications. She became the Representative of the Network after inauguration till April 2000. WEN and WIN-Japan are mutually co-operative groups. Ms Aomi has also authored several publications, such as: "Workplace of Female Director" "Pictorial Cooking for Children", "This is What I Wanted" and "Spice of Life". She is a very reliable friend, always leading the younger generation in various aspects.