Honorary Award

2013 First WiN Honorary Award to Susan Brissette

Ms. Susan Brissette


he first WiN Honorary Award recipient is Susan Brissette, Susan served for 6 years as a WiN Executive member, during her term she contributed to hosting the 2006 WiN Annual Conference, and served on the Communication Committee, etc.

Statement of Susan to WiN Members

Dear Madame President, Board and Executive Colleagues, WIN-global members and distinguished guests. It was with great honour and humility that I learned of my selection as the first recipient of the WIN-Global Honourary Award. It came as a delightful and unexpected surprise for which I am most grateful. I would like to thank the Board of WiN-Canada for submitting a nomination and to the WiN-Global Executive, Board and nominations committee for selecting me to receive this honour. I wish I could be with you in person to celebrate WiN's achievements, participate in the conference, meet up with old friends and meet new colleagues, and receive this award in person.

I joined WiN-Global in 1999 when I had the opportunity to attend the WiN-Global Annual Conference in Washington DC but it wasn't until 2004 that I decided to take an active leadership role and launch a chapter of WiN in Canada. I would like in particular to thank Annick Carnino for her encouragement in those early days. We held our first WiN-Canada meeting that spring, not long after I was warmly welcomed by the WiN-Global Board at PIME in Barcelona. WiN-Canada launched that spring and, despite having only about 20 people at the meeting, we formed a leadership team, set ourselves an audacious goal for growth and decided to put in our bid to host the 2006 WiN-Global Conference in Canada. We succeeded on all fronts . . . Our 2006 conference included about 350 women from almost 40 countries, the WiN-Canada organization now counts well over 1000 members, we have leveraged social media to spread our message and Canada achieved a leadership role on the WiN-Global executive where we have been able to contribute to the growth of the organization world-wide. On a personal level, WiN offered me leadership development opportunities, new insights in dealing in a multi-cultural environment, challenging assignments, and long lasting professional associations and friendships. I accept this award on behalf of all WiNners, but in particular the many WiNners who inspired me, motivated me to do more for the organization, and made my years as a WiN member both memorable and rewarding.

I encourage each of you to continue to launch yourself into supporting the mission and goals of WiN with gusto . . . Our industry needs advocates and WiN members are ideally placed to help support the advancement of nuclear and radiation technology in their respective countries. Your efforts - large or small - will strengthen the Women in Nuclear global organization, will benefit your company, your country, our industry and will provide each of you with valuable opportunities for your own personal development.

Once again, thank you for this amazing award; I will cherish it. Thank you!