Honorary Award

2017 WiN Honorary Award to Dr. Dominique Mouillot

Dr. Dominique Mouillot

307.jpg306.jpg (Mrs. Anne-Marie Birac in the left hand side in the right photo receives the award on behalf of Dr. Dominique Mouillot.)

2017 WiN Honorary Award is given to Dr. Dominique Mouillot. Knowing all Dominique Mouillot has done since years to promote WiN (in France, in Europe and worldwide) and her unique contribution to WiN activities. She has been elected president of WiN France in 2005, and re-elected each year since then. She has made significant contributions to WiN Global, both at the national level, regional level and international levels.

In France :

  • She has managed the organization of WiN Global annual conference in 2008 in Marseilles. This event was a great success
  • She has initiated in cooperation with EdF, the Fem’Energia award. This award is presented both to young female students and professionals. In 2017, Fem’Energia Award has been organized for 9th year without interruption. Dominique is sharing with EdF representative the lead of the selection Committee.
  • She has created the WiN France annual Award
  • She has significantly improve the visibility and number of members

In Europe

  • Dominique was one of the promotors of the idea of launching the regional chapter WiN Europe along with WiN IAEA, WIN Finland, WIN France, WIN Germany, WIN Hungary, WIN Romania, WIN Slovenia, WiN Sweden and WiN Switzerland,
  • The establishment of WiN Europe under her leadership as first president
  • She organized the launching ceremony of WiN Europe in Brussels in 2011
  • She was established a MOU with ENS, with Fem’Energia; she made recognize WiN Europe as NGO in IAEA
  • She acts nowadays as treasurer of WiN Europe, after 5 years of Presidency

Within WiN Global

  • The organization of the WiN Global annual conference in Marseilles (2008)
  • She was the leader of the Messaging Committee. This Committee has done a tremendous work on issuing messages to be used by the WiNners to communicate. The result of this work might be found
  • her role in supporting Se Moon as first Vice-President of WiN Global
  • the initiation of the WiN Global initiative for Climate, approved by the 2016 WiN Global General Assembly in Vienna and presented at The COP 21 (December 2015, in Paris)
  • Special WiN Award Ceremony to WNE 2016 as a side event.