Honorary Award

2019 WiN Honorary Award to Ms Eva Gyane

Mrs. Eva Gyane


The 2019 WiN Honorary Award was granted to Eva Gyane (left side of the photo), previous President of the WiN IAEA Chapter, previous WiN Executive and presently -since WiN’s official registration in Austria - WiN Global treasurer. With this role Eva is also a member of the Steering Committee and a continued member of the Executives. Eva over years is and was an active member in the Board of Executives and Directors, but also in our other committees on Communication and Mentoring. She played a major role in the Strategic Committee where she contributed to develop a strategic plan and oversee its implementation and achievements. Her role in drafting the updated WiN charter was essential. New innovative ideas come easily to her and based on her initiative the WiN Future Award to allow the participation of a young WiNner was put in place and will be started for the first time in 2020. Eva serves with diligence as treasurer and together with the 7th WiN Global President Gabriele Voigt she is handling all issues related to the registration and legal requirements of WiN Global in Austria where she co-signed off as the main responsible.

She was, is and always will be a strong supporter of WiN at large, wherever she will be and in whichever role she is taking, e.g. in the IAEA her previous employer but also in her present employer FANR in the United Arab Emirates. The WiN Honorary Award 2019 presents only a small acknowledgement of her continued commitment and devotion to the goals, mission and function of WiN Global.