Where can I find more information on nuclear?



Information on nuclear activities, installations and on all nuclear application in medicine, industry etc is freely available on the Web and includes discussions of pros and cons. It is the implementation of transparency safety principle.


Since the nuclear industry has learned from the past, transparency in giving information on operation and regulations etc. lots of information are available. Transparency is a must and part of many Conventions. More information can be found on:
-  Web sites of international organizations such as the International Atomic Energy Agency, the OECD Nuclear Energy
   Agency, the European Commission, the World Association of Nuclear Operators, The World Nuclear Association, The
   World Nuclear University, Women in Nuclear etc. (the sites indicated here are only some of the major ones) 
-  Web sites within nuclear or non nuclear countries such as regulatory bodies, nuclear societies  (American Nuclear
   Society, European Nuclear Society, National Nuclear Societies), associations dealing with energy or sustainable
   development, Ministries’ sites etc.
-   Web sites of nuclear vendors or operators, agencies for transport, for spent fuel storage, for environment protection
Many books cover topics related to nuclear energy and nuclear industry and can be searched through Internet.