WiN Global COP 28 Position Paper


December 3, 2023

As an organization deeply committed to addressing global challenges, WiN Global has taken proactive steps to tackle climate change through various events, initiatives and communications.

Our actions extend beyond words as we have been steadily participating and contributing to the global debate on the climate crisis. Our strong and continued presence will be also reflected this year through our COP 28 Position Paper “Climate impacts on women and children need meaningful action now — nuclear power can support this action”.

This paper outlines how the climate crisis affects youth and women, how global action has failed to bring about meaningful change, how nuclear as part of a net zero plan can support renewable energy plans and how both nuclear and environmental communities could work together to achieve net zero. Diversity is one of the keys to innovation in confronting our planet’s challenges.

The climate crisis has a disproportionate effect on youth and women. So far, global efforts have not managed to reduce carbon emissions affecting some of the world’s most vulnerable communities. Adding nuclear power as a net zero option to a renewable grid enables clean, affordable and reliable energy to be provided globally. Both the nuclear and wider global communities need to take steps to build nuclear capacity and, thus, reduce carbon emissions, which include funding and supporting newcomers to nuclear energy.

▶ Download the WiN Global Position Paper COP 28