Annual conferences

From the beginning, WiN Global has organized an annual conference, which is a unique occasion for the WiN Global community to meet. This event -which takes place in different regions of the world every year- not only offers members the chance to participate in the WiN General Assembly, in technical meetings, workshops and mentoring sessions, but also to visit nuclear facilities and cultural tours where they can experience an overview of the host country. 

Members have the opportunity to present their chapter report giving an overview of nuclear activities in their countries and regions, and the achievements of their WiN chapters. Usually, the WiN Award is presented during this event.

During the WiN Global Conference, a flag — originally donated by WiN Korea in 2010 — is passed from the incumbent host country to the representative of the country hosting the following year’s conference.

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A unique occasion for our community to meet
Let's get together!

This is an excellent opportunity for networking and sharing experiences as well as learning from each other and nurturing meaningful relationships.

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Share your chapter's achievements and initiatives
Alone, we go faster. Together, we go further.

Through a mix of conferences, mentoring sessions, technical and cultural tours, and workshops, participants have direct access to specialized first-hand information and knowledge.

Upcoming WiN Global Annual Conference

31st WiN Global Annual Conference

emPowering the Energy Transition

Mexico City, Mexico

28 Oct - 30 Oct 2024

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Previous WiN Global Annual Conference
2023 Egypt

"Women for Sustainable Development of Nuclear and Radiation Application" was the theme for the conference of the 30th anniversary of WiN Global. WiN Africa celebrated their first conference.

2022 Japan

Under the theme "Evolution of Decommissioning & Reconstruction", the 29th WiN Global Annual Conference was held from 23 to 26 May, in Tokyo. The technical tour included a visit to Fukushima.

2021 Canada

WiN Canada hosted the 28th Annual WiN Global Conference, which was held virtually from 17 to 21 October with the theme “Positively Charged for Success”.

2019 Spain

"WiN Power to Face Future Challenges” was the theme of the 27th Annual WiN Global conference hosted by WiN Spain, from the 17 to 21 June.

2018 Argentina

The IYNCWIN18 Joint Conference was organized by WiN Global and IYNC, together with the local Chapters, WiN Argentina and AYNG, respectively. 400 participants from 39 countries gathered in the city of San Carlos de Bariloche.

2017 China

The 25th WiN Global Annual Conference was held at the Chinese National Convention Centre in Beijing from 28 August 1 September 2017. The conference was preceded by WiN Global Executive and Board meetings and excursions to the Great Wall.

2016 United Arab Emirates

The 24th WiN Global Annual Conference was a resounding success with the many stimulating panel discussions and poster presentations. The conference was organized by WiN UAE and sponsored by Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation and Nawah Energy Company.

2015 Austria

For the first time, WiN IAEA had the honour of organizing and hosting the 23th WiN Global Annual Conference in Vienna, in cooperation with the IAEA.

2014 Australia

WiN Australia hosted the 22th WiN Global Annual Conference was held from 20 to 25 October 2014 at Cockle Bay Wharf, Sydney.

2013 South Africa

The 21th WiN Global Annual Conference organised by WiN South Africa was held from 6 to 11 October 2013 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel, Johannesburg.

2012 Sweden

200 delegates from 36 countries attended the congress. At the Conference a new President was elected, Se Moon Park from WiN Korea.

2012 Bulgaria

The 19th WiN Global Annual Conference was held at the Riviera Holiday Club in Varna with 160 participants from 24 countries all over the world.

2010 Korea

With 350 participants from 30 countries, the 18th WiN Global Annual Conference was held from 9 to 14 May 2010 at Busan.

2009 USA

The 17th Win Global Annual Conference was successfully held at the Grand Hyatt Hotel Washington D.C. with a total of 600 WiNners from 30 countries.

2008 France

Under the theme "Nuclear Revival: Maintaining and Raising Key Competencies for Nuclear Energy", WiN France hosted the 17th WiN Global Annual Conference in Marseille.

2007 Indonesia

The 15th WiN Global Annual Conference was held on 21 to 28 April 2007 at Kuta Bali. Participating were 150 from 22 countries.

2006 Canada

The 14th WiN Global Annual Conference saw 346 participants from 37 countries meet in Waterloo. The full week meeting enjoyed great financial support from the Canadian nuclear industry.

2005 Czech Republic

More than 100 participants from 19 countries took the chance to exchange their ideas and know-how and strengthen their personal network amongst WiN members.

2004 Japan

The 12th WiN Global Annual Conference took place on 17-22 May 2004 in Tokyo. Some 170 participants joined the local delegation.

2003 United States

More than 200 women from about a dozen countries met in Las Vegas, Nevada, for the WiN Global 11th Annual Conference.

2002 France

The 10th WiN Global Annual conference was held on Paris an it was organized by WiN France. More than 150 participants from 27 countries attended the meeting.

2001 Korea

The 9th WIN Global Annual Conference was held on 14 to 17 May 2001 at Seoul. The meeting gained momentum for WiN Korea, which had been founded the previous November 2001.

2000 Finland

For the 8th WiN Global Annual Conference, 2000 WiNners met in Helsinki, Finland. At that time WiN had 1850 members in 51 countries.

1999 United States

The 7th Annual Conference and General Assembly of WiN Global was organised together by the WiN U.S. Board and the Nuclear Energy Institute.

1998 Taiwan

The 6th Annual Conference and General Assembly of WiN Global, organized by WiN Taiwan, was held in Taipei, Taiwan.

1997 Spain

The 5th WiN Global Annual Conference took place on 29 to 30 May in Valencia, Spain.

1996 Russia

The 4th WiN Annual Conference was held in May in Saint Petersburg with more than 60 attendees from Europe, Argentina, USA, Japan and Taiwan.

1995 Sweden

The 3rd WiN Conference was held in Gothernburg with the participation of 14 WiN Global Chapters.

1994 Germany

The 2nd WiN Conference was held in Bonn, Germany, with 40 members from 11 countries.

1993 France

The first WiN Global Conference was held in Paris on 1993 and it was moderated by Ann Maclachlan.