About WiN

Women in Nuclear Global is a non-profit organization of women working professionally in various areas of nuclear energy and radiation applications, open to individuals from all genders, and legally registered in Vienna. Since our foundation on 27 November 1992, we have been strong advocates for environmental sustainability, diversity and gender equality.

WiN Global plays a relevant role in all continents and keeps a balanced geographical representation. With around 35.000 members and over 20 partners, WiN Global is a solid network with a strong presence in more than 145 countries, regions and international organizations. WiN Global is an influential player of the nuclear sector at the international, regional, and national levels, and actively contributes resources to define nuclear policies and gender equality strategies in the nuclear field. 

WiN Global Statutes -English

WiN Global Rules and Procedures (Rev 09.19)


We are a registered, not for profit, organization that is run solely by dedicated volunteers.



Relevant companies from the nuclear sector trust us and support our dynamic and impactful work.



We share our ambitions with like-minded organizations and initiatives by establishing meaningful partnerships.