Climate change

Since its foundation in 1992, WiN Global focused on environmental sustainability, public safety and the improvement of quality of life.

In this regard, our organization is committed to promoting the collective development of a new common sense about nuclear energy. We do so by demystifying radiation sciences and highlighting the benefits of nuclear technology, especially as part of the solution to the climate crisis and as a key element to achieve our sustainable development goals.

We are convinced that we need to deploy all available clean energy technologies to avoid the most gruesome scenarios put forward by the IPCC (2021, 2022). Nuclear energy must be part of the clean energy mix to ensure that emission targets are met, energy poverty is reduced, and quality of life can keep improving – with better access to basic services, healthcare, and education for all. Long term operation of existing nuclear power plants as well as the construction of new builds are essential. The consequences of climate change will disproportionately affect women and girls who are already disadvantaged through poverty and lack of opportunity.

Therefore, WiN Global is calling on policy makers to ensure that women are involved in all steps of the decision making process in addressing the climate crisis. In this sense, we have had an active participation in the last UN Climate Change Conferences of the Parties (COP) as an admitted NGO.  

Access below to our position papers developed on the ocassion of the COP 26, COP 27 and COP 28.

WiN Global Position Paper COP 27

WiN Global Position Paper COP 26