Gender equality

WiN Global promotes gender solidarity, diversity and inclusivity as key cross-cutting values in all initiatives. As a unique intercultural association of skilled women in the nuclear sector, WiN brings together different voices, insights, backgrounds, cultures, experiences, and abilities which provides the basis for making ethically and technically sound decisions.

Thus, WiN members have the invaluable opportunity to broaden their perspectives by interacting with women from diverse cultural backgrounds and disciplines, and who have made significant contributions to the nuclear sector, especially in promoting the different nuances of leadership.

In order to develop and maintain a diverse and inclusive culture, WiN Global promotes the integration of a gender perspective that ensures not only an active engagement of women, but also the identification and processing of their differentiated needs and visions, so that they constitute real, key components of the decision-making processes.

Moreover, women generally have a more negative perception of nuclear energy. Thus, in order to bridge the gap of understanding between experts and the society as a whole, dedicated strategies for developing an innovative narrative, and communicating from a gender approach need to be implemented.


We consider it essential to value the power of a collective construction, a crucial element that provides sustainability to every initiative.