Young generation

One of the key strategic actions for strengthening the organization is attracting and uniting young people within WiN Global. It is crucial for us to bridge generational gaps and benefit from the experienced women and senior leaders can share as role models and mentors, which facilitates motivating opportunities for professional development for young women and girls.

In order to promote the active involvement of young people both in WiN Global and in the nuclear sector, in 2021 we launched our WiN Global Young Generation Group: 

The aim of this group is to actively contribute to the climate change and gender balance debates, knowledge and experience exchange between members and chapters, creation of partnerships, development and learning opportunities, and further boost the interest in nuclear engineering, science, and other nuclear related professions. 

WiN Global YG also supports innovative communication strategies using new technologies and social networks to promote accurate understanding and public awareness of nuclear science and technologies.

Take action! Working in the nuclear field is an opportunity for actively contributing to the solution of the main global challenges, like addressing the climate crisis.