Communication Committee

The objective of the committee is to promote the factual understanding and public awareness of the benefits of nuclear and radiation applications. Within this context, this strategy addresses the following specific topics:

• Achieve greater visibility of WiN Global

• Promote the work activities carried out by women employed in the various nuclear field.

• Promote the Smiling Atom by educating the public on the positive, beneficial and peaceful uses of nuclear technology.

The purpose of this committee is to lay out the key issues, target audiences, messaging and communication activities. It is worth noting that the strategy and its contents can be adapted to regional and local chapters as needed or necessary. Thus, outlined in documents the committee intends to provide guidance to Chapters on enhancing their own communication strategy so that they have adequate arrangements and capabilities to represent WiN in their respective countries and regions.

Key messages are identified and approved at the beginning of every year to become the slogans of communication. Slogans are concise points that can be easily remembered by the target audience. They are integrated into the multiple information products and formats published by WiN. They are derived from the overall WiN Global key messages.

The Chairwoman of the communication committee is a volunteer and nominated by the WiN Global President. Members of the committee may change throughout the course of the communication committee and are volunteers as well. The present chairwomen is Melina Belinco and can be contacted at