Mentoring Committee

In 2017 WiN Global established a Mentoring Committee for the purpose of sharing best mentoring practices and leveraging those practices in the development of mentoring activities for its members. The Committee meets at least once quarterly to review the mentoring programs of feature countries. The information is then summarized to facilitate the global sharing of mentoring information. Once the Committee has accumulated information from a number of countries the Committee plans to prepare a paper for sharing with the broader membership.

Committee participants include representatives of Chapters with active mentoring programs, as well as those who are interested in developing mentoring programs. We currently have participants from Argentina, Canada, China, France, Germany and the United Arab Emirates. If you are interested in joining the Committee, or in sharing mentoring practices as one of the feature countries, please contact Lisa McBride the Committee Chair.

Also, as a result of these Committee meetings, WiN Global members have been offered the opportunity to participate as international mentors, or mentees, as part of mentoring programs in other countries and during our Annual WiN-Global conference.