Women in Nuclear Innovation (WiNI)

pschindler 2021-11-02


The Women in Nuclear Innovation Initiative (WINI) was launched in September 2021 under the framework of the partnership between WiN Global and the World Nuclear Association, being DG Sama Bilbao y Leon the godmother of WINI Initiative. The main objective of WINI is to create a group of multidisciplinary experts within the members of WiN Global. WINI aims to promote and strengthen the involvement of women in innovation and to enhance the attractiveness of nuclear as an innovative and cutting-edge technology sector, especially for the next generation. Also, through different activities, WINI wants to boost the role of nuclear innovation and technology for the future of the energy sector, promoting their understanding and bringing them closer to society. Contact point:Adoracion Arnaldos

Attachment: 13B-WINI_WiN Global_final.docx