Young Professional

WiN Young Professional Award

The purpose of the WiN Global Nuclear Future Award is to provide sponsorship for an individual who has demonstrated outstanding commitment to WiN Global and its Chapters. WiN Global would like to recognise and enable young female nuclear professionals of high potential to participate in the annual WiN Global conference who would otherwise not be able to take part. The award has been designed specifically to support individuals who have no other funding to participate in the WiN Global annual conference. Each year one individual is been awarded based on an evaluation by an award election committee consisting of the President, Vice-President and 1 to 2 volunteers, funding is been provided by members’ sponsorship or the WiN global account and is limited to a maximum of 2000 €. The WiN Global Nuclear Future Award will be presented at the WiN Global conferences together with the other WiN Global awards

For more information please find a detailed description and application forms within the Members’ section.

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