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WiN Brazil lived a revival process around the years of 2017-2018, becoming the first Latin-American chapter to structure a system of governance based on elections.

WiN Brazil has been conquering spaces in the Brazilian nuclear stage as a significant actor in gender balance and communication. Our chapter values gender equity as a pillar of a just society; female empowerment as a mechanism for change; scientific thinking as basis for development and the democratic process as form of participation.


Danila Dias - Brazilian Commission for Nuclear Energy

Danila joined WiN Brasil in 2015, getting involved in the chapter renovation efforts. She became a member of the interim Executive Committee in 2018, was appointed vice-president in 2019 and elected president in 2020. She is also a member of the Brazilian (SBPR) and Latin American (FRALC) Societies of Radiation Protection. Today she works as a consultant for the International Atomic Energy Agency.