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WiN Brazil lived a revival process around the years of 2017-2018, becoming the first Latin-American chapter to structure a system of governance based on elections.

WiN Brazil has gained significant prominence in the Brazilian nuclear sector, distinguishing itself as a key player in promoting gender balance and social communication in the nuclear industry. Our chapter upholds gender equality, with diversity and inclusion as foundational pillars of a just society; women’s empowerment as a mechanism for transformation; scientific thinking as a basis for development; and the democratic process as an essential form of participation


Gabryele Moreira - Nuclear and Energy Research Institute and University of São Paulo

Gabryele is a black woman and a medical physicist who has been a member of WiN Brasil since 2019. She was a fellow in the 2022 Marie Curie program of the IAEA. Gabryele has actively participated in past leadership roles and is now embracing the new challenge of leading WiN Brasil. Being a young leader in a women's organization is challenging but immensely rewarding. she aims to make a significant impact in the industry and pave the way for future generations of women.