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WiN China members include people working professionally in industry, medicine and health care, regulatory authorities, and universities and research institutes.

Our members have a common commitment to provide information and communicate with the public. In 2017, WiN China hosted the 25th Women in Nuclear Global Annual Conference in Beijing. People of all genders are very welcome to join!

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Rong Fang - State Power Investment Corporation

Rong Fang joined WiN in 2014. Since 2013, she is the Executive Secretary of the Chinese Nuclear Society Women in Nuclear Committee. In 2016 she was elected the WiN China President. Under her leadership, WiN China successfully hosted the 25th Women in Nuclear Global Annual Conference. She is a Board Member of the WiN Global. In 2017, she was awarded the Excellence WiN Award for her strong leadership for not only WiN China but for women working in China’s nuclear sector.