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WiN Taiwan members consist of women professionals working in various sectors such as regulatory authorities, academic units, research institutions, and industry.

WiN Taiwan is actively involved in nuclear energy-related tasks and prioritize both nuclear energy safety and public welfare. Also, our chapter is dedicated to enhancing public awareness of nuclear energy applications and radiation protection. Members share a collective commitment to disseminate information and engage in dialogue with the public to foster understanding and trust.


Ju-Chuan Huang - Nuclear Safety Commission of Taiwan

Ju-Chuan joined WiN Taiwan in 2010, became a board member of the WiN Taiwan in 2016 and was elected the WiN Taiwan President in August 2021. She is a radiation safety professor. In 2009, she was engaged in the research work related to radiation safety assessment in the INER. In 2012, she was transferred to the AEC, a government regulatory agency, to work in radiation protection and safety control.