Experimental Installations (WiNEXI)

The Group of Expertise on Experimental Installations recognizes that the development, preservation, and operation of essential research facilities are crucial for the nuclear industry.

WiNEXI, the Women in Nuclear Experimental Installations, was officially approved by the steering committee at the WiN Global conference in Egypt, in 2023. Operating as an interest group within WiN Global and with the key support of the CEA and the IAEA, WiNEXI serves as a professional network dedicated to supporting, promoting, and empowering women engaged in experimentation.

WiNEXI will form a interdisciplinary group of women working in experimental fields. WiNEXI will aim to promote and strengthen the involvement of women in technical fields and to enhance the attractiveness of technical as an exciting and dynamic field of practice. Experimental facilities require a large panel of experts, and this is a way to incorporate this large panel of women.



Members are encouraged to work together on promoting the interests of the experimental work by sharing best practices in different fields such as technical support, planning, management, and measurement devices. 

This collaborative approach allows for the cross-pollination of ideas and knowledge, leading to a more robust and successful projects.

Enthusiastic WiNners are invited to register for the group through our online form. Various roles are available, including the core team, inclusion & diversity ambassadors, and regular members for information and staying connected.



  • To regularly meet in order to enhance the discussion about trends, best practices and gender issues in experimentation and running of facilities.
  • To organize and conduct gender balanced webinars, workshops and panel discussions on topical areas related to nuclear experimental installations.
  • To launch initiatives giving visibility to professional women working in experimentation promoting sharing the opportunities for new talents to our sector.
  • To participate and to organize conferences, panel sessions, e-books  related to experimental installations.


Terms of references and registration form: www.linktr.ee/winexi



Andrea Bachrata - CEA IRESNE

Andrea is currently the head of the experimental laboratory at CEA IRESNE, overseeing the team conducting high-temperature experiments with depleted uranium. With a degree in nuclear engineering from Prague and a Ph.D. in France, she has dedicated her entire career to the R&D field. Andrea served as the former president of WiN Global Young Generation and remains actively engaged in various gender balance and nuclear-for-climate initiatives.