WiN Excellence Award

In late 1992, just before the first Constitutional Meeting of WiN Global in Karlovy Vary in Czech Republic, the newly established WiN Global Leading Group first time mentioned the WiN Global Award as a part of the future WiN's annual work programs. In 1995, the Board established rules for a WiN Global Annual Award to honour nuclear communications programs in local, national and international forums with audiences ranging from teachers and students to local government officials to national news media.

As more WiN Awards have been added to our growing organisation, this award was renamed in 2021 to help differentiate it from the other awards. From 2021 it will be known as the “WiN Global Excellence Award”.

A viable candidate of WiN Global Excellence Award is to be considered in their contributions in the areas of Communications, Education, Leadership and Mentoring.

WiN members and non-members who meet the above criteria are eligible to be nominated.

For more information please see the attached document with a detailed description of the award, the process and an application form.

Information about previous recipients of this honoured award can be found below.

Attachment: PRO0006 Application for the WiN Global Excellence Award Rev 1.docx

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