WiN Award

Formally organized in 1993 at a meeting in the Czech Republic, Women in Nuclear (WiN) began as an idea — that a small group of women working together could change how people everywhere think about peaceful uses of nuclear energy. As of mid 2006, that idea has grown into a network of more than 2000 women in 68 countries and regions.

In late 1992, just before the first Constitutional Meeting of WiN in Karlovy Vary in Czech Republic, the newly established WiN Leading Group discussed for the first time the WiN Award as a part of the future WiN's annual work programs. In 1995, the Board established rules for an annual award to honor nuclear communications programs in local, national and international forums with audiences ranging from teachers and students to local government officials to national news media. The first candidate to receive the Award in 1996 was Lyudmila Kolesnikova of Russia.

A viable candidate of WiN Global Award is to be considered in her contributions in the areas of Communications, Education, Leadership and Mentoring.

WiN Women members and non-members who meet the above criteria are eligible to be nominated. The President, Executive and Board members are not eligible for nomination until they have completed their terms of service.

Information about previous WiN Global Award honorees can be found below.