New WiN Global Website Launched

msw 2013-09-04

WiN Global is pleased to announce the launch of its new website. It contains WiNFO Newsletter, News, WiN Chapter Event, Pop-up Zone, Calenda and FAQ, etc. It has been improved with several new functions and corners:

1. Main Page

  • WiN Chapter Event: WiN Chapter can participate in loading their news.
  • Pop-up Zone: A coming event of WiN, major organizations or any big news will be distinguishably displayed.
  • Calendar: It gives you information of the schedule of WiN events, important events of other nuclear organizations, etc. with giving venue and map which is Google service offered.

2. Join WiN

New membership application system is renewed, when new applicant registers for WiN membership, they can choose your chapter name for joining in your chapter membership too. Your Chapter will be informed her or his information with their agreement. So your Chapter can approve her as your Chapter's member as well within your own system separately from WiN Global. If the new WiN applicant is already a member of your Chapter then, your Chapter is informed its confirmation of your members been approved for WiN Global membership.

3. Members' Section

This can be opened for WiN members only. Once registered as WiN member, you will see the submenus in this corner.

  • Member search for emailing to contact is offered.
  • eBook: which produced by WiN Global or any WiN Chapter, which are useful for the public information will be uploaded upon the Chapters' offer.

* Se-Moon Park, President WiN Global expresses her special thanks to Mrs. Agneta Rising, the General Director of WNA who supports the server and domain, to SungWook Moon, SungGeun Kim and KwangYoul Park who developed this WiN Web Site upon her request, WiN Korea who served for the collection of the contents and the initial design, and Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning, Korea for their sponsorship.