WiN Malaysia: A New National WiN Global Chapter Established

msw 2014-06-17

WiN Global welcomes WiN Malaysia as a new national chapter of WiN. WiN Malaysia was founded on 28th March 2014.

The elected committee members of WiN Malaysia are:

  • Dr. Noor Hasnah Mohamed Khairullah Chair
  • Datin Zarina Masood Deputy Chair
  • Dr Faridah Bt. Mohamad Idris Secretary
  • Siti A'iasah Bt. Hashim Deputy Secretary
  • Mazleha Bt. Maskin Treasurer
  • Dr Julie Andrianny Bt. Murshidi Deputy Treasurer
  • Prof Dato’ Dr Aishah Bidin Committee Member
  • Dr Hasni Hasan Committee Member
  • Rusnah Bt. Mustaffa Auditor
  • Salmah Bt. Moosa Auditor
  • Hasfazilah Bt. Hassan Member

WiN Malaysia kindly invites to visit the facebook page where we post announcements and share various information: