WiN Global COP 27 Position Paper | "Harnessing the power of nuclear - clean energy, water, transportation and jobs"

melinabelinco 2022-11-02

Attachment: Position Paper COP27.pdf


Climate change is one of the most significant challenges facing humanity today, which is why States across the globe are pursuing deep decarbonization. Developing and deploying clean energy solutions will ensure a better future for everyone but will disproportionally affect traditionally disadvantaged and vulnerable groups, including women and children.

Current nuclear power technology and in service nuclear power plants are very important in supporting climate action. This paper is focused on emerging nuclear technologies and outlines the benefits that advanced nuclear can provide and, in particular, those it can offer to some of the most vulnerable communities. These benefits, delivered by micro or small modular reactors, include energy resilience, energy independence, and affordable, economic, reliable and secure baseload power. They can be enhanced with dual-use technology features of nuclear power plants to enable vulnerable communities to have access to clean water through desalination and clean transportation through hydrogen production. Finally, the addition of clean energy infrastructure can provide clean jobs across a wide variety of skills, expertise and trades for local community members, including women.

Women and children, as traditionally vulnerable and disadvantaged groups worldwide, are heavily affected by climate change. This is why we need to take action and pursue deep decarbonization. Nuclear power and its benefits are a part of this solution.