Annual Conference

From the beginning, WiN Global has organized an annual conference, which is a unique occasion for the WiN Global community to meet. Each year, one of the WiN chapters proposes, in cooperation with the Board, a programme including the WiN General Assembly, technical conferences, workshops, and technical and cultural tours where global members can experience an overview of the host country.

Delegates have the opportunity to present their chapter report giving an overview of nuclear activities in their countries and regions, and the achievements of their WiN chapters. Usually, the WiN Award is presented during this event. For the WiN Global community, this is an excellent opportunity for networking, learning from each other and nurturing friendships.

During the WiN Global Conference, a flag — originally donated by WiN Korea in 2010 — is passed from the incumbent host country to the representative of the country hosting the following year's conference.