Annual Conference

2004 WiN Global Annual Conference


The 12th WiN Global Annual Conference

Technical topic: As energy of the 21st century, do we choose nuclear energy?

The 12th WiN Global Conference took place on 17-22 May 2004 in Japan. Some 170 participants from Australia, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Indonesia, Korea, Pakistan, Siovak Republic, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Philippines, UK, USA and Vietnam joined the local delegation. Three days of administrative meetings, lectures and sessions ended with a panel discussion at Tokyo's Keidanren Hall to which members of the public were invited. Panelists included Dr. Annick Carnino (3rd WiN Global President) representing Europe, Ms. Anneli Nikula (TVO) representing Finland, Ms. Junko Ogawa (JAPC), 4th WiN Global President, representing Japan, Dr. Byung-Joo Min (KAERI) representing Korea, Ms. Ellen Ginsberg(NEI) representing the USA and Dr. Seiichi Kanise representing the Japanese press. It was the first large-scale practice for the promotion of understanding nuclear power in WiN Global. It corrected the misunderstanding that some Japanese citizens held that nuclear power generation was on the decline overseas, when they heard the message from the WiN Global members directly. The correct information about the nuclear fuel cycle and radioactive waste disposal was delivered by the participants at the Forum.
WiN Global Conference ended with a 2-day trip to Hiroshima. Sites visited included the Radiation Effects Research Foundation and the Peace Memorial Museum with the A-Bomb Dome.

Technical tour: TEPCO Kashiwazaki-Kariwa Nuclear Power Station, BWR Training Operating Center.